The unspeakable horrors of Israel’s crimes against Gaza

I am a hypocrite and a callous and cold-hearted, miserable excuse of a man.  As the Christmas season progresses, I am concerned more for the happiness of my own loved ones and my own happiness and I do not turn my thoughts nearly enough to the misery and murder that my country supports as Israel slowly starves Gaza, making the massive prison which houses 1.5 million people a passing thought… or in other words; suffering the people of Gaza to pass me by and I notice them not.

People are dying at checkpoints as their transfer for medical care is delayed or denied.  Energy levels have been cut to a mere fraction of what is needed for life in Gaza and the people suffer immensely because of it.  What sort of justification can we think of in allowing Israel to do such a thing, punishing wholesale men, women, children, elderly and crippled people’s alike without discrimination?  Is this for Israel’s security?  Their right of self-defense?  Where is the humanity of a people that are supposed to be God’s people?  Why do they toy with the people of Gaza as if they were some sort of experimental lab animals?  What can be done?  How can we just go about our lives of plenty and excess while such monumental suffering is occuring at the hands of our government and our supposed allies?  How can I have happiness while my brothers and sisters are being killed, having the life sucked from them slowly and most painfully?  How God must weep to see how we hate our own flesh and blood. 

I am useless if I do not notice my brothers and sisters everywhere who suffer, in particular right now those in Gaza who are being ignored by the entire rest of the world.  How can I rest while my brothers and sisters are being murdered?  I am certain that things will be well in the eternities with people like Rachel Corre who was killed defending a home in Palestine that was being bulldozed by Israel.  What shall I do?  How can I countenance this? 

For more on the current situation in Gaza, read Ramzy Baroud’s excellent article here:


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