Did the US scare Iran into submission on nuclear enrichment in 2003? I don’t think so.

As readers of this blog know, I don’t accept that the US has any firm evidence of a nuclear weapons program that was stopped in 2003 until I see some evidence, which has not been forthcoming as of yet.  Also, there is this claim that the US beating on Iraq next door, caused Iran to tremble in their boots and stop their nuclear program (peaceful as Iran claims) in 2003.  I don’t buy that arguement either.  Iran was negotiating with the EU at the time and volunteered to stop enrichment activities long enough to see what sort of package could be put together for incentives.  The enrichment activity was stopped for 2 years and then restarted again when the EU offered diddley-sqwat.  I don’t know what people who say Iran stopped in 2003 because we were beating up Iraq would say about why Iran restarted enrichment while we were still beating up Iraq.  In any case, I appreciated this paragraph from a Wikipedia article on the subject:

On the question of whether Iran had a hidden nuclear weapons program, the IAEA reported in November 2003 that it found “no evidence” that the previously undeclared activities were related to a nuclear weapons program, but also that it was unable to conclude that Iran’s nuclear program was exclusively peaceful. The IAEA remains unable to draw such a conclusion since the IAEA only certifies the absence of undeclared nuclear activities for nations that have formally ratified the Additional Protocol. According to the IAEA’s own Annual Safeguards Implementation Report of 2004[29], of the 61 states where both the NPT safeguards and the Additional protocol are implemented, the IAEA has certified the absence of undeclared nuclear activity for only 21 countries, leaving Iran in the same category as 40 other countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, and South Africa. Nevertheless, Iran did voluntarily implement the Additional Protocol, and the IAEA certified in Jan 31, 2006 that “Iran has continued to facilitate access under its Safeguards Agreement as requested by the Agency, and to act as if the Additional Protocol is in force, including by providing in a timely manner the requisite declarations and access to locations.”[30] As of August 2007, Iran and the IAEA entered into an agreement on the modalities of resolving additional outstanding issue.



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