The old, ‘tell us about the WMD program we know you have (that you don’t really have)’ ploy

Another technique employed by modern day secret combinations.  We know you have a nuclear weapons program, so you have to tell us why you have it even though now it is stalled, and the ball is in your court.  Why are you hiding this from the IAEA?  This is the same ploy used by Bush in the runup to the Iraq war.  We know you have WMD’s.  Where are they?  All Iraq could do was to helplessly declare the truth that all WMD’s were gone, but Bush said “no they’re not,” so we started a war.  Bush is trying to do the same thing to Iran right now.  No evidence of a nuclear weapons program has been brought to light, just assertions by the Bush Administration and the Israelis.  Will it work again?  Here’s what he said:  “Iran is dangerous,” Bush said after an Oval Office meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. “We believe Iran had a secret military weapons program, and Iran must explain to the world why they had a program.”

“My answer to the Iranians is: You had a hidden program that was a military program,” he said. “We think you have shut it down now. You have an obligation to explain to the world loud and clear why you had a military program. Do you intend to start it up again. In other words, the ball is in their court.”

“Iran has an obligation to explain to the IAEA why they hid this program from them,” Bush said, referring to the nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Iran is dangerous, and they’ll be even more dangerous if they learn how to enrich uranium.”

What I really wonder is… Are the American people stupid enough to be scared by this sort of talk into supporting a war again?


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