Don’t count out a war with Iran just yet… Israel steps up the rhetoric.

Amazingly Israel is still offering up words promising violence against Iran if Iran doesn’t go along with illegal UN Security Council requests to stop it’s legal nuclear activities.  This in the face of the recent NIE on Iran which stated that there is no active nuclear weapons program in Iran. 

“Israeli officials quickly offered a direct challenge. Ehud Barak, the defence minister, said although Iran’s nuclear programme was halted in 2003 “as far as we know it has probably since revived it”.,,2224052,00.html

This is amazing since noone has proven that Iran has ever had an active nuclear weapons program in the first place. 

Meanwhile the Toronto Star reports:

JERUSALEM–Iran remains a grave threat to Israel, with or without an active nuclear weapons program.

This is the declared view of the Israeli government, and it seems to be the nearly unanimous opinion of security experts here, following the release in Washington this week of a U.S. intelligence estimate that concludes Iran abandoned its pursuit of a nuclear bomb four years ago.

“Israel has its own security assessments, and experience has shown they are better than U.S. assessments,” said Barry Rubin, editor and publisher of the Middle East Review of International Affairs. “It’s not accurate to say Iran has stopped – this is the Israeli view.”

Also, interestingly, a new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Israelis are against attacking Iran:

“When asked “should Israel alone attack the Iranian nuclear installations,” 67.2 percent said no, while 20.9 percent said yes and 11.9 percent had no opinion, said the survey aired on public radio.”


2 Responses to “Don’t count out a war with Iran just yet… Israel steps up the rhetoric.”

  1. 1 Non-Arab Arab December 8, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    Just spent few days in DC. Trust me, at least under this Administration, there will be no US or Israeli attack on Iran.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon December 8, 2007 at 11:47 pm

    I’d really like to believe that. You may be correct. You probably are correct. However, with this NIE saying that there is a dormant nuclear weapons program (for all we know it’s already reactivated) as if it were fact, and naming Iran as a major exporter of terrorism etc, there is still a chance that a red flag operation could send us into the neocon vortex as Bush has authority from Congress already to attack Iran since Al Quds was named a terrorist entity. I’ll not take it for granted, but I hope that your observations are right on. I’m not too hopeful about the next Presidential administration either with everyone talking tough on Iran, especially Hillary and Giuliani.

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