Israel’s nuclear weapons, an impediment to peace in the middle east

“This is one program on which the Israelis have persistently deceived us,” Mr. Kissinger said, “and may even have stolen from us.”

These words were spoken in relation to Israel’s  nuclear weapons program by Kissinger to Nixon way back in 1969.  The National Archives have done a good job in bringing these declassified documents to light, showing that even Nixon and Kissinger had concerns over Israel’s budding nuclear weapons program (notably missing from the discussion at Annapolis) which program has continued to this day in the bizzare state of everyone knowing they have the weapons with Israel even buying nuclear submarines from Germany, and Olmert letting it slip a while back that Iran aspires “to have a nuclear weapon as America, France, Israel and Russia…” while Israel officially neither denies nor confesses to possession of nuclear weapons.

Our acquiescence to Israel is evident even back in 1969.  Israel had just bombed the USS Liberty 2 years earlier, seeking to murder the entire crew of the US intelligence ship and killing many in the act.  Israel was also in violation of several UN Security Council resolutions at the time and had perhaps stolen fissile material from us (as is indicated by Kissinger), and yet we stayed silent about their nuclear weapons program.  This is part of why we have no moral authority or credibility when it comes to decrying Iran’s nuclear program.  And we still just don’t get it.

Read more about this in this New York Times article:


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