Chomsky expresses horror at US backed Israeli crimes in Palestine

This is a very good article by which gives us the text of a recent speech by Noam Chomsky on the Annapolis conference and Israeli-Palestinian relations.  The talk is very good and goes into media distortions of the situation.  However, it is the beginning of the talk that I would like to highlight here. 

Chomsky usually speaks rather dryly of such topics laying out the facts in an orderly manner, methodically laying out the case, revealing the webs of deceit that are woven around us and allowing us to see what is really happening.  This time though, Chomsky started off expressing his horror at what Israel is currently doing to Palestine with US government approval.  Here are his words:

Before saying a word, I’d like to express some severe personal discomfort, because anything I say will be abstract and dry and restrained. The crimes against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere, particularly Lebanon, are so shocking that the only emotionally valid reaction is rage and a call for extreme actions. But that does not help the victims. And, in fact, it’s likely to harm them. We have to face the reality that our actions have consequences, and they have to be adapted to real-world circumstances, difficult as it may be to stay calm in the face of shameful crimes in which we are directly and crucially implicated.”

Please read the rest of the article at:


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