New York Times “News Analysis” of Annapolis… Mindless word drool while Gaza continues to slowly die.

There is a so-called “news analysis” over at the front page of the New York Times Online currently that is so void of anything remotely connected to reality that it leaves the reader without hope for the great newspaper of record.  Absolutely astounding.  How can it be true that the great New York Times allows for this sort of vacuous word drool to be passed off “News analysis?”

The article in question is entitled, “Seeking a mideast path, Bush offers a nudge.”  It is about the upcoming Annapolis mideast peace conference which is a complete farce.  The fact that such a conference is undertaken while the Palestinians are hopelessly fractured at home with Abbas having illegally dismissed Hamas from government and Hamas in control of Gaza and Abbas in fragile control of the West Bank, is ridiculous. 

Why doesn’t anyone remember that it is the US and Israel that funded Abbas and Fatah into a civil war with Hamas and caused the fracture that now exists in Palestine?  What kind of plastic world completely separated from reality is this news analyst living in?  Just today, 4 Gazans were killed by Israeli aircraft, tanks and bulldozers. 

Ismail Haniyeh took to the street with protesters in Gaza expressing, “the conviction of the Palestinian people that the Annapolis conference is useless.  Consequently, any decisions this conference might reach which affect the rights and principles of the Palestinian people and nation will not be binding for our people. They will be binding only for those who signed them,” Haniyeh said.

The article speaks of Bush’s “ambitious” but cautious agenda and speaks nothing of Bush’s working with an Israel that continues to defy international law and occupy territory taken illegally with defiance to an international consesus to return that land to its rightful owners.  The article fails to notice that Abbas is corrupt to the hilt has no credibility among his people nor among other middle-eastern nations and is likely to sell out his people with no associated guilt (you need a soul to feel guilt) at all.  The article fails to note that the US has refuted the democratic will of the Palestinian people since the 2006 elections put Hamas into power and that the US openly supported criminal sanctions against Palestine that doubtless led to the deaths of untold numbers of impoverished Palestinians.  The article fails to mention that the US supported a murderous attack by Israel against Gaza last year and is currently supporting Israel’s attempts to escalate violence in Gaza with it’s sanctions in withholding fuel and electricity.  The article fails to mention that a powerful lobby exists in the US that is very successful at getting pro-Zionist agenda consideration while almost no lobby exists that has any anti-Zionist or pro-Palestinian agenda at all.  In fact see here for there efforts at stopping any sort of meaningful Israeli concessions at Annapolis (their effort was hardly necessary in this instance):

Is there any other country in the world that would call this sort of article “news analysis” with a straight face?  If you don’t believe me, read the article for yourself here:

Here also is an article from Al Jazeera that is slightly more realistic:

And here is a viewpoint from Gaza that is totally realistic from Electronic Intifida where Annapolis is an abstract notion that has nothing to do with the reality of their everyday life that is living death:

And finally there is a great article from Palestinian Human Rights Organizations that point out that any treaties that come to fruition under the current circumstances of illegal occupation and various infractions of the Geneva Convention including the transfer of ones’ civilian population into occupied territory (settlements and the land grab by the wall).  For a look at the legal reality ignored by the New York Times please see here:


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