Chomsky thinks military confrontation with Iran is inevitable

In a recent interview, Noam Chomsky spoke the normal speech about the hypocrisy of the US’s policy towards Iran and what the stated purposes are and how they differ from what the unstated purposes may be.  He also went over recent Iranian history and told how the US overthrew the popular ruler in 1953 and installed the hated Shah who was overthrown by the Iranian people etc etc.  Not much new there.  He mentioned Fissban which the US unilaterally votes against each year while the whole rest of the world votes in favor of it (that’s the one where fissile material would be produced by a international governing body and no more by individual states… a great way to stop the production of nuclear weapons) etc.  But the thing that I thought interesting is the following exchange:

JAY: Do you think we’re actually moving towards a military confrontation? Or are we seeing a game of brinksmanship?

CHOMSKY: Well, whether purposely or not, yes, we’re moving towards a military confrontation.

I remember previously that Chomsky had said that he didn’t think we were seeking military confrontation in Iran.  I see it as a major foreboding sign when arguably the greatest intellect in the world today changes his position on an issue like this.  I agree that at some point we are moving toward military confrontation and when we do, the USA will get our bloody hands even more bloody and it will not be long before we pay a heavy price.  We must cut these secret combinations off in the bud.


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