UNRWA states the obvious… the Gaza sanctions will cause Israel’s desired escalation in violent confrontation.

As a Guardian article noted a while back, it seems that Israel is purposefully seeking an escalation in violent confrontation with Gaza. 


This fits with the Zionist agenda of the destruction and expulsion of all Palestinian Arabs standing in the way of a Jewish state to fill all of historic Palestine.

Now, the UNRWA chief in Gaza has confirmed that the murderous human rights criminal sanctions against Gaza are bound to breed extremism and not succeed in the least with the stated (but phony) purpose of stopping Quassam rocket attacks. 


If we assume that Israel’s leaders are of at least average intelligence (as much as I would like to insult their intelligence, in all reality they are probably fairly bright people as wicked, evil people often are), then necessarily it must follow that Israel takes the rest of the world for fools because it is painfully obvious that the sanctions against Gaza are intended to escalate things to a violent confrontation, probably with some sort of goal of eradicating Hamas and Hamas-like sorts in Gaza.  With the plastic Annapolis conference coming up and the media and our government trying to make us believe that a chance for peace in the middle-east is up and coming, reality couldn’t be further from the truth.


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