Iran. Will Cheney be blocked in his ambitions by the UN?

This article points strongly to the possibility of a US led strike on Iranian nuclear facilities sometime in the first half of 2008.   

“Although air strikes don’t seem imminent as the U.S.-Iranian drama unfolds, planning for a bombing campaign and preparing for the geopolitical blowback has preoccupied military and political councils for months.”

“No one is predicting a full-blown ground war with Iran. The likeliest scenario, a blistering air war that could last as little as one night or as long as two weeks, would be designed to avoid the quagmire of invasion and regime change that now characterizes Iraq. But skepticism remains about whether any amount of bombing can substantially delay Iran’s entry into the nuclear-weapons club.”

“Attacking Iran has gone far beyond the twilight musings of a lame-duck president. Almost all of those jockeying to succeed U.S. President George W. Bush are similarly bellicose. Both front-runners, Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton and Republican Rudy Giuliani, have said that Iran’s ruling mullahs can’t be allowed to go nuclear. “Iran would be very sure if I were president of the United States that I would not allow them to become nuclear,” said Mr. Giuliani. Ms. Clinton is equally hard-line.”

And this article discusses the UN machinations which I personally hope will frustrate Cheney’s ambitions of bombing Iran before he gets out of office.  However, getting out of this Presidency doesn’t get us out of the woods as the above article pointed out.  We have a bunch of pro-attack-Iran freaks leading the Presidential polls. 

“Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has endorsed Iranian promises that access to suspected nuclear facilities will increase in the months ahead. At a meeting of the body’s 35-country board of governors in Vienna today, battle lines were drawn both over Mr ElBaradei’s faith in an Iranian blueprint and the text of the IAEA’s latest report which said Iran had cleared up several key questions about its past research. America and Britain are pushing for the UN to quickly impose a third round of sanctions on Iran to reinforce the drive to close the Islamic Republic’s secret programme of atomic research, which appears to be slowly yielding the capability to make a nuclear weapon.”

“China and Russia, which have not yet swung behind new sanctions, appear poised to back Mr ElBaradei’s calls for negotiators to be given more time.”

“ElBaradei wants to get across that Iran has shown real willingness to co-operate and we are making important progress, so let’s stick with it,” said a Vienna-based diplomat.”

“His argument is unlikely to impress those nations alarmed by a line in his nine-page report – released last week – conceding the IAEA’s knowledge of Teheran’s current atomic activities was “diminishing”.”


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