Impeach Dick Cheney Now! Something you can do to help. Needs to be mailed off 11/16/07!

Quick, send off your letter so it can be included in the 10,000 letter push to get Pelosi to act!  Here’s the information you need:

House Resolution 333 for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney is off the House floor, and has instead been sent to the Judiciary Committee for “further study.” This maneuver, organized by Pelosi and the Democratic leadership, is consistent with their mantra that impeachment is “off the table.” But, we are told Nancy Pelosi is reported to have replied to the question of impeachment that if she received 10,000 hand written letters she would proceed with it. What are we waiting for?

Cindy Sheehan wrote this:

Dear Friends

Instead of sending your impeachment letters for Dick Cheney to Nancy Pelosi’s office, send them to my office so we can get an official count.

Please send them to:

Nancy Pelosi
c/o Cindy Sheehan
RE: Impeach Dick Cheney
1260 Mission Blvd
San Francisco, Ca 94103

Please pass this around and have them sent by Friday, November 16th and we will have them delivered to her office in San Francisco before Thanksgiving.

Spread this far and wide so we can take sacks of letters to her.

Don’t include anything besides the letter.


1 Response to “Impeach Dick Cheney Now! Something you can do to help. Needs to be mailed off 11/16/07!”

  1. 1 Anonymous November 18, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    Link under “anonymous” is announcement of Congressional candidate to remove Pelosi as Speaker, to make way for impeachment.

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