Brown worried about Iran violating the NPT (?) and would use military force against Iran.

Gordon Brown has said that he would go along with military action against Iran, firmly aligning himself with the current secret combinations of the day.  He said one amazing statement which I am trying to understand.  Here it is:

“Iran is breaking commitments made freely under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”  My best guess is that he is either truly uninformed, which would be hard to believe of a leader of England, or that he is being dishonest.  I favor the latter interpretation.  Where is it that Iran is breaking the NPT?  The IAEA has found Iran in violation of IAEA safeguards agreement, but not in violation of the NPT itself.

Now, if Brown loves the NPT so much, I would hope that he would be equally incensed about other violators of that treaty.  How about… the USA?  Is Brown pressing the USA to cease its production of a new generation of nuclear weapons, a violation of the NPT?  What does Brown have to say about the NPT non-signing countries such as Pakistan, or even worse, Israel, who have built up their own nuclear weapons programs away from the guidance of the IAEA?

In any case, Brown is no better than any other leader who chooses to go along with the secret combinations of the day to the detriment of the possession of his soul.


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