Iraq wants the US out. The US and Ban Ki Moon say too bad, so sad.

This is great stuff here posted on Alternet.  In May of this year I posted about this same issue here:

The Iraqi parliament wanted the renewal of the US occupation by UN mandate to go thru the Iraqi parliament as the Iraqi constitution says it should rather than having Maliki unconstitutionally rubber-stamping it and bypassing the Parliament as he did last time.  So they made a law back in May saying that the renewal had to go thru them.  Now, as this article astutely points out, Ban Ki Moon, Bush and Maliki are conspiring to bypass the Parliament again (since the majority want the US out of Iraq sooner than later I assume) and go straight to Maliki’s rubber-stamp again.  The Parliament has protested to the UN in a letter signed by a majority of the members of the Parliament saying:

“The Iraqi Cabinet has unilaterally requested a renewal of the U.N. mandate keeping the occupation troops (MNF) in Iraq” despite the fact that “such a request issued by the Iraqi cabinet without the Iraqi parliament’s approval is unconstitutional.” It continues: “The Iraqi parliament, as the elected representatives of the Iraqi people, has the exclusive right to approve and ratify international treaties and agreements, including those signed with the United Nations Security Council.”

The US and Ban and Maliki are conspiring to bypass the democratic process though and continue the murderous occupation of Iraq despite the democratic will of the people and government of Iraq.  Why doesn’t this make the headlines or even the back page of the newspapers in the US?  Doesn’t this sort of thing prove that the Bush administration isn’t interested in democracy and freedom in Iraq (besides thousands of other actions that also testify of this fact) but is there for some other reason?

Please see this excellent commentary here:

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