Israel with a secret plan to attack Iran with nuclear weapons

The London Times has received word of a secret Israeli plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with nuclear weapons.  The Jerusalem post reports that Ehud Barak is talking tough about Iran’s President’s recent announcement of 3,000 centrifuges up and running.  He says that a military attack is definitely on the table.  Senator Hagel is saying that we should be giving diplomacy a much bigger chance.

 All of this over Iran’s nuclear energy program.  We’re trying to start WWIII over a nuclear energy program.  The newspapers are very obedient in printing the scare tactics of the US government and Israel.  To the point that a recent Zogby poll reported that 53% of Americans think it is ok for the US to attack Iran with our military in order to stop their attainment of a nuclear weapon… a weapon that there is still no solid evidence that they are seeking after.  In the meantime we are planning the possible use of nuclear weapons against Iran in order to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.  Is the Irony lost on everyone in the world?


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