Zionist lobby/ZPC/Judeofascism layed out

Wow, this is a very good but long article on what the author identifies as the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC).  This includes the many lobbyist groups that are pro-Israel and neo-con members of government, media, academics, think tanks etc. 

Petras explains how the ZPC pushed powerfully for the Iraq war with 8,800 articles favoring war with Iraq before the 2003 invasion.  He also explains how this has become an embarrasment for the ZPC as the war has gone badly and so they are trying to backpedal and say they were against the war, but are now for military action for the real threat in the middle east, Iran. 

Currently the ZPC is pushing hard for war with Iran.  Every day we hear of the sins of Iran (many that are fabricated) from ZPC sources.  The recent resolution calling Iran’s Al Quds force a terrorist orgainzation was written up by AIPAC. 

The ZPC is a powerful train that can still possibly be prevented by the voice of the people if they have enough information.  The American people are fooled bigtime though.  The recent Zogby poll showed that something like 53% of US people believe that bombing Iran to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons would be the right thing to do.

Check out Petras’ powerful article here:



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