Civilian deaths in Iraq condemned in new UN report.

This article is about a UN report on civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It tells a sad story of our aerial bombing and large numbers of civilians killed in so-called “surgical strikes.”  The study also addresses US torture of prisoners being on the level of about 70% of prisoners interviewed.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Reported deaths April-June this year (keep in mind that passive reporting of deaths in a war zone is usually at around 5-20%):

March 11 – Nine civilians in 5 villages near Ba’quba killed by U.S. air strikes.

March 13 & 14 – Twelve Palestinians detained by the Interior Ministry at al-Baladiyat and tortured with electric shocks to sensitive parts of the body, forcing metal sticks down the throat, and rape and other sexual assault with metal objects.

March 15 – Two civilians killed in Dulu’iya by a U.S. air strike.

March 29 – A 14-year-old boy and three other family members killed in Mosul by a U.S. raid on the home of Zeyour Mohamed Khalil.

March 30 – Sixteen civilians killed in Sadr City by U.S. air strikes.

April 2 – Six civilians killed in U.S. raids on the homes of Bashar Mahfoudh and Walid al-Ahmadi near Mosul.

April 3 – Twenty-seven civilians killed in Khaldiya, near Ramadi, by U.S. air strikes.

April 12 – Three civilians killed in southern Haditha in a house raid by U.S. forces.

April 26 – U.S. air strikes kill four civilians in Sadr City and four more in Taji.

April 29 – Al-Kesra, Baghdad, five men found dead after being detained by Iraqi Army in al-Sifina.

April 30 – Three civilians killed by an air strike in Basra.

May 3 – Hay al-Amel, Baghdad, 16 people detained and killed by Interior Ministry Public Order Forces.

May 4th – Al-Dubbat, Baghdad, 14 civilians arrested and then shot dead by Iraqi security forces.

May 5 – Seven civilians killed by a U.S. air strike east of Baghdad.

May 5 – Hay al-Rissala, Baghdad, men guarding a mosque detained and executed by Iraqi security forces.

May 6 – One civilian killed by a U.S. air strike in Sadr City.

May 8 – Seven children killed by a U.S. helicopter attack on an elementary school in Diyala province.

May 26 – Eight civilians in Basra killed by air strikes.

May 29 – Four prisoners executed by the Kurdistan Regional Government after testifying to the death under torture of Fahmi Ismail Abu Bakr in 2005.

June 6 – Yassin Farhan and his son Sarmad killed by U.S. troops in a house raid in Baghdad.

April-June – Seventy-three percent of KRG detainees interviewed by UNAMI reported being victims of torture.

The author ends with this statement which I wholeheartedly support:

“Until we succeed in ending the U.S. occupation and restoring genuine sovereignty and independence to Iraq, preventing the torture and killing of Iraqi civilians by U.S. forces has to be a top priority. Apart from the brief and localized scandal over the pictures from Abu Ghraib, this is a topic that the political debate in Congress and the corporate media have scrupulously avoided. Senator Bob Graham told his colleagues in October 2002 that “Blood is going to be on your hands”, and they are now in it up to their armpits, even as they deny both the carnage and their role in continuing and escalating it. Until this horror comes to an end, Americans must join UNAMI in publicizing, condemning and demanding accountability for every single act of illegal, indiscriminate and excessive killing by American forces in Iraq, with particular attention to the mass killing of Iraqi civilians by U.S. air strikes.”

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