Some incoherent ramblings on Palestine

Originally published 6/20/07:

UPDATE:  Here’s an excellent op-ed in the NY Times from today from Ahmed Yousef, political advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister in which he lays out much of what Hamas has dealt with in the last few weeks and what Hamas wants from this point on:

Also, here is an article on one of the USA’s murderers in Palestine, Mohammed Dahlan, who is an avowed enemy of Hamas and was appointed last year to the post of Palestinian National Security Advisor by Abbas apparently as a stab in the heart of Hamas, and as a confidence building measure for the secret combinations in the US at the same time.  Dahlan has apparently tried to assassinate Haniyeh and is probably the US’s main tool for fighting Hamas militarily in Gaza.  He is also marked as the next leader for Palestine by the US.

And now on to the original post:

 As Bush and Olmert embrace in D.C. praising the scoundrel Abbas, claiming that Hamas is an extremist group that has led a coup against the legitimate government of Palestine, my jaw drops as I witness the hypocrisy and blind obedience the media pays to our government’s official line of B.S. 

It goes without saying that the Palestinian people elected Hamas in a free and fair election during a period of widespread discontent with Fatah’s corruption.  Hamas has always been there for the people, providing services that the government could not provide and is very popular with the Palestinian people.  A majority of Hamas and a minority of Fatah is the legitimate government of Palestine. 

As we wag our heads scolding the Palestinian people for fighting with each other, we should also remember that is the USA that has fought tooth and nail against democracy in Palestine, setting sanctions against the Palestinian people for using democracy to elect their choice of Hamas to government.  We then supported the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Palestinian government by Israel who withheld border duties and taxes while the Palestinians suffer. 

We should not forget that we have been supplying Abbas with money and weapons with encouragement to fight against Hamas, essentially unforgiveably fomenting civil war in Palestine. 

And now after all of this, Bush and Rice and the like are going to provide additional support to the West Bank only and are saying that Abbas is the legitimate leader of the people (he was only allowed to be President because he was the one that the Israelis would deal with… he wasn’t elected to office, he was chosen by the parliament which consisted of a majority of Hamas.

The hypocrisy of the US government and our complicit media… joined in a perverted embrace… in an effort to destroy the freedom of the peoples of the world who get in our way… so that they will submit to the will of the US imperial machine… while we continue to kill and maim thru sanctions as in Israel or Iraq in the 90’s, or by bombs as we have been doing in Afganistan and Iraq for years now, or by the bringing of corrupt foreign leaders to sell their people out… continues to disgust me to no end.  We are so heavily entangled in the web of secret combinations… a web of deceit… while we continue to go on living our lives in happyville, USA.  

This cannot last forever.  All evil empires are brought down eventually.  This one is no different except for the fact that we have the power to destroy the earth via WMDs.

Here is a short interview with Prime Minister Haniyeh on the current situation in Palestine:

Of interest in this interview, Haniyeh expresses his desire for peace with Israel, living side by side… as does this Palestinian journalist Omar Barghouti:


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