Secret Combinations often use starvation as a tool… like in Gaza.

Originally published 6/22/07:

The secret combinations are at work again, this time seeking to kill thousands in Gaza thru cutting off monetary remittances from relatives to their families in Gaza.  There is a half-way decent report of the situation there at:

Not only does Israel want to maintain the blockade of Gaza but it is talking of cutting off the small remittances from foreign relatives, which most Gaza families now depend on.

The blockade is again being marketed by the US and Israel — and accepted by Western states — as a measure to prevent money getting to terrorists, or to weaken Hamas, or to increase pressure on it to change, or to make Palestinians rise up against the militants.

Back in Gaza, Hamas is stronger than ever. But John Ging, Gaza director of the UN’s Palestine relief agency, says that shutting down private money transfers would be devastating.

“We ask decision makers to look at who will pay the human price for their decisions,” he said.

“Families here need these remittances from abroad to get by. They are already very vulnerable — 1.1 million of the population of 1.4 million are totally dependent on hand-outs of food from us. The economy has been completely ruined by 1½ years of economic blockade and the closure regime has been very restrictive.

“Eighty per cent of people are now living on less than $2 a day. People are more and more despairing about the future.”


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