Guiliani, the embodied pure essence of Bush and Cheney combined with regards to Iran

Well, it looks like the leading Republican candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, is arm in arm with leading neocons like Norman Podhoretz ( ) in his formation of foreign policy in dealing with Iran in particular.  He has been using these neocon war-hawks as advisors and though he is reported to have differences in approach to the Iran problem, Podhoretz seems to think that there is no difference of opinion between him and Giuliani when it comes to dealing with Iran.

“Mr. Podhoretz said in an interview published Wednesday in The New York Observer that he recently met with Mr. Giuliani to discuss his new book, in which he advocates bombing Iran as part of a larger struggle against “Islamofascism,” and “there is very little difference in how he sees the war and I see it.”

At the same time the Bush administration is vamping up the rhetoric against Iran’s Al Quds forces with the terrorist designation.

It looks like there will be a very similar type of leader in the White House to Bush if a Republican is elected.  I don’t see a whole lot of difference if a Democrat is elected either.  Hillary is a close second in adoration by the Israelis as is seen here:


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