Israel conspires to commit genocide

We have the announcement today that Israel is planning to cut off electricity and feul to Gaza, plunging the impoverished and already desperate people there into chaos no doubt, as starvation is apparently a fair weapon to use against a civilian population in Israel’s eyes.  Fortunately, the international community has read the rules and knows that this is a massive crime against humanity… unfortunately, they will probably do little more than to raise their voices a little bit, hardly deterring Israel in their murderous ambitions against the Gazans. 

One of the statistics we rarely hear is how much death and sufferring come of these sorts of tactics, employed often as war crimes by Israel against Gaza as in last summer when utilities facilities were purposefully attacked, cutting off electricity and sewage etc. for a period of time.  There is a lot of blood on the hands of Israel.  A lot more than the 12 deaths of Israelis due to Gazans crude rocket attacks over the last 6 years.  As we read earlier, the Israelis killed 92 Palestinian kids last year alone.  Here is the AP story over at the NYTimes site:

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