US Senate embarrasses me in its adoration of Israel.

Originally published 5/2/07:

Why in heaven’s name do we need to do something like this?  Why not pass a resolution congratulating Palestine on the great achievment of their democracy in choosing a government over the threats of the US and Israel?  Do we congratulate any other democracies in the world like this in the senate?  To me this shows how infatuated we are with Israel, and how Israel is our pet… teacher’s pet if you will.  It shows that we will adore and sanction any action they undertake including the murderous assault on Lebanon last summer and their continued aggression against and occupation of Palestine.  They are our partners in crime along with Britain and we will forever celebrate their existence and beat down any who oppose our empire.  From the AIPAC website:

Senate Passes Resolution Celebrating Israel’s 59th Anniversary

The Senate on Thursday passed a resolution by unanimous consent that celebrates the 59th anniversary of the State of Israel.  The resolution notes that the Jewish state serves as a “shining model of democratic values” thanks to its support for freedom of religion, freedom of the press and representative government.  The resolution also reaffirms the strength of the U.S.-Israel bilateral relationship and “commends the bipartisan commitment of all Presidents and Congresses of the United States since 1948 that supported Israel and worked for the security and well-being of Israel.”  The resolution was sponsored by Sens. Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Barbara Mikulski (D-MD).

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