US to attack Iran April 6?

Originally published 3/27/07 (As we all know now, this did not come to pass, but it is instructive to view this in the wider context):

Horrifyingly, there is a report out recently by Russian sources that say they have information that the US will attack Iran April 6 (good friday) for a period of 12 hours with our air power.  Thanks to CRC for bringing this to my attention.

This act must be nipped in the bud and the only pitifully weak action I can think of right now is to voice your support of Jim Webb’s amendment on Iran, which would stop Bush from attacking Iran without congressional approval.  Contact your senator’s here:

This sort of thing may play out as an extension of the upping of the ante in the British Sailor capture saga as Blair is currently doing:

Update:  Lot’s of US military activity reported by Russian intelligence on Iran’s borders 3/27/07:


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