Iran preparing for defensive war with the US and Israel

Originally published 4/1/07:

Our enemies believe we will attack them this summer (sooner if we believe Russian Intelligence reports of an April 6 attack), according to Israeli Intelligence.  Look at this statement (on the front page of the Haaretz today) by Israeli intelligence saying that the US is going to attack Iran this summer:

MI chief: Iran, Syria, Hezbollah preparing for U.S. offensive
By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent , and Reuters
Israel is closely monitoring preparations by Syria, Iran and Hezbollah for a U.S.-led war this summer, Military Intelligence chief Major-General Amos Yadlin said during a cabinet session on Sunday.

According to Yadlin, Iran and Syria believe that a war this summer will be initiated by the U.S. and that Israel will be involved. He said that the preparations were defensive, adding that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah were not expected to initiate the war.

“What we are seeing is their preparation for the possibility of war in the summer. My assessment is that they are defensive preparations for war,” Yadlin was quoted by a government official as saying, referring to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.


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