Massive secret combination uncovered in the military industrial complex of the USA

Originally published 2/21/07:

It appears that we’ve found one of the truly great pieces of the great secret combination of the latter-days in SAIC, (Science Applications International Corporation) which brings in 8 billion dollars a year strictly from government contracts and has a revolving door between its board and the highest levels of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA.  Read all about it here:

This author looks at the SAIC as the worsts part of “Eisenhower’s nightmare,” that is, the military industrial complex that runs our foreign policy.  He points out that, “more than 90 percent of all taxpayers might as well remit everything they owe directly … to some contractor rather than to the IRS,” since private federal contractors now, “absorb the taxes paid by everyone in America with incomes under $100,000.”

He lists some of the revolving door listees as follows:

“New Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is a former SAIC board member.

Former defense secretary Melvin Laird is a former SAIC board member.

Former CIA director John M. Deutch is an SAIC board member.

Donald Foley, until recently a top executive at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the military agency that invented the Internet, is a current SAIC director.

Rear Admiral Bobby Inman went from head of the National Security Agency to SAIC board member.

Undersecretary of Defense Ryan Henry is former senior vice president of SAIC.

William B. Black Jr. retired from a top National Security Agency office in 1997 to become SAIC vice president. In 2000, he returned to the NSA. Two years later, NSA awarded SAIC a $280 million contract for “Trailblazer” — a much-touted effort to redesign an NSA computer system that had failed to highlight and interpret such missed such 9/11 terrorism clues as the intercepted Arabic message on Sept. 10: “Tomorrow is zero hour.”

Read more about his take on this secret combination here:


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