The absurdity of US claims of Iranian weapons killing our soldiers

Originally published 2/13/07:


Juan Cole writes and makes a very good point to the effect that this assertion that the US is now trying to make (that Iran’s highest governing officials are supplying dangerous weapons to US enemies in Iraq that are killing large numbers of US military) is utterly absurd.

He shows how ridiculous it is since the Shiites are not the ones the US military is fighting against for the most part and Iran would never supply weapons to it’s sworn enemies, the Sunni insurgency in Iraq, as those weapons would be used to blow up Shia markets and mosques in Bagdad.  If those weapons made in Iran have killed US military, it is likely sold to the Sunni by rogue weapons dealers rather than by the Iranian government. 

Surely the world can see the absolute lack of credibility the Bush administration commands as it performs a repeat ovation performance of the Iraq intelligence snafu, fixing said intelligence to fit the policy… the policy of enacting a war on a nation in order to control its resources in the region. 

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