AIPAC and Congress get together for a party, March 11-13, 2007

Originally published 2/14/07:

       AIPAC Policy Conference Stage                      March 11-13 marks the big AIPAC conference… you should read the description of this conference, it’s really rich.  A simple thing like the advertisement for the conference goes a long way in helping us to understand why the US is in Israel’s pocket (or vice-versa).  Check this out:

“Key American and Israeli elected officials and thinkers will address plenary sessions, and the top leadership of Congress will be on hand for the Gala Banquet — a one-of-a-kind celebration which annually draws half of the Senate and a third of the House.”

Is there any other lobby that draws this kind of a crowd?  If you know of one let me know please.

“More than 100 breakout sessions will bring delegates face-to-face with top experts who will lead discussions on diverse topics including: the danger of a nuclear Iran; the motivations of Islamic terrorists; and support for Israel within the African-American, Hispanic and religiously motivated Christian communities.”

Of course!  What else would you discuss when you want the US to beat up on all of your enemies for you?  Hope you enjoy this conference… but you’d better sign up fast!  Sounds like there will be no empty seats at this one!

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