Correa gets under the US’s skin with the Manta military base

Reportedly, Raphael Correa, President of Ecuador has said that he will not renew the agreement with the US to have an air base at Manta in 2009.  In our usual disdain for democracy and sovereignty, the New York Times reported, “Officials have also been reluctant to rule out the possibility of continuing to use the Manta base, despite Correa’s blunt, public rejections.”

Correa has great spunk so far in standing up to the US.  Here, for example:

“If they want,” Correa has said ironically, “we won’t close the base in 2009, but the United States would have to allow us to have an Ecuadoran base in Miami in return.”

Great point.

Before Correa was elected, he was asked about Chavez’s “devil” diatribe against the U.S. president at the United Nations, Correa remarked amusingly, “Calling Bush the devil offends the devil. Bush is a tremendously dimwitted President who has done great damage to the world”

Correa sounds like a class act to me.  I hope he is not assassinated by CIA jackals.


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