Pilger on the upcoming war with Iran

Originally published 2/3/07:

John Pilger has written another of his classic pieces.  He writes about the upcoming war on Iran and how the US is currently going about creating a pretext out of thin air to justify the military venture in the public’s eye. 

I like his quoted description from General Leonid Ivashov of Russia of how we will end up reacting to some action by Iran (undoubtedly a reaction to a provocation by the US) by limited strikes and then Iran, will send some missiles over to Israel, which will suffer some tolerable damage for a while and thus justify a full scale attack on Iran in the public’s eye.

He says: “It was only a phase in getting closer to dealing with Iran and other countries. [When the attack on Iran begins] Israel is sure to come under Iranian missile strikes . . . Posing as victims, the Israelis . . . will suffer some tolerable damage and then the outraged US will destabilise Iran finally, making it look like a noble mission of retribution . . . Public opinion is already under pressure. There will be a growing anti-Iranian . . . hysteria, . . . leaks, disinformation et cetera . . . It . . . remain[s] unclear . . . whether the US Congress is going to authorise the war.”

It seems to me to be a hopeless situation.  I can write this message and get the word out to those who would otherwise not know what’s going (though there are not a whole lot who read me).  I can write my Congresspeople as I do sometimes.  I can pray with all I’ve got as I sometimes do.  However, I feel like I might as well just sit back and watch this war unfold for all the good my efforts achieve.  We are apparently firmly on the path toward the destruction of as many of our brothers and sisters as we can destroy.  Those in power in the US are part of the great secret abomination of the latter days.  How can we rise up with one voice and say, “stop!”? 

There is a great need to bring souls to God.  If people knew the true God (who loves and desires the best for His children) such foolishness as that we are seeing in our leaders… would be abolished. 

Please read this very good article by Pilger in it’s entirety at:


Also, see what a Jewish newspaper is saying about Iran’s nuclear threat against Israel.  As the article states, many in Israel are calling for a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran and that the option is growing more viable as each day passes.




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