What would happen to Iraq if the US left?

You want to see?  Just look at Basra.  They are a good trial of what would occur if the whole US military left Iraq.  They seem to be doing much better since the British left.

“Despite the lingering violence and the bloody rivalry between competing strands of Shiite militia, the word on the street is that Basra is happy the British are gone because things are improving.

“We have become free because there is no occupier inside the city,” Imad Khalaf, 52, told AFP as he strolled through the market with his children.

“Markets are full of people day and night, you can see families walking freely in the gardens and parks.”

A Western diplomat who is well-informed of Britain’s situation in Basra told AFP that attacks were down, partly because the insurgents’ “rationale was no longer valid.”

“We were afraid, but when British forces withdrew we started to go out at night with our children for shopping or walking,” said Laila Qasim, 32.

“The country must be protected by its own people,” she added, speaking for many in the city.”


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