The pillaging of Iraq’s oil… increasing hostility against the US

Originally published 1/18/07:

This writer writes of the raping of the Iraqi oil industry occurring in Iraq as we speak, belying the real reason we went to war in Iraq.

He says:  “Under the new American-drafted law, the Iraqi government will offer contractual concessions up to 30 years’ long to foreign companies, using a system known as a PSA (Production Sharing Agreement). In other words, American and other Western oil companies are being allowed to exploit Iraq’s current predicament and negotiate self-serving, one-sided oil PSA’s that will legally commit the entire country of Iraq for the next 30 years.

So it’s no surprise that Bush will order an additional 20,000 American soldiers to risk their lives in Iraq. They will be needed to fight “terrorism” which is sure to rise as Iraqis resist the raping of their country. The world will be treated to a continuing spectacle of bloodletting. Young Iraqis dying to stop – and young Anglo/Americans dying to ensure – the transfer of Iraqi wealth to Bush and Cheney’s already rich friends.”

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