Carne Ross’s explanation of US/UK deceit on Iraq

Originally published 12/21/06:

I found this article by Carne Ross thanks to TinyRevolution.  He was the top diplomat to Iraq from the UK in the late 90’s.  He writes about how the US and UK went about deceiving themselves in the runup to the Iraq war.  I don’t swallow his “noble lie” theory at all, but I think his description of our government’s deceit is pretty good.

“Back in the capitals, there is meanwhile an invisible undertow at work
on the civil servants who collate and analyse this information. If
ministers want a particular story to emerge, it has a way of emerging:
the facts are made to fit the policy. It takes a brave if not foolhardy
civil servant to resist this tide. This is not to claim that there was
some secret cubicle in Whitehall (or Washington) where evidence of
Iraq’s weapons was deliberately fabricated, but something more subtle.
Evidence is selected from the available mass, contradictions are
excised, and the selected data are repeated, rephrased, polished (spun,
if you prefer), until it seems neat, coherent and convincing, to the
extent that those presenting it may believe it fully themselves.”


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