The mugging of Ahmadinejad

There is a decent article at Alternet on the mugging of Ahmadinejad at Columbia U yesterday.  The author makes this fundamental point:

“When you see one person and nation being demonised, you have to assume that it is for a purpose.”

“It is time for some perspective: why should we take it for granted that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the supreme evil being and a superklutz at the same time?”

“The ungracious introduction to Ahmadinejad’s talk by Lee Bollinger, the Columbia University president, read more like a plea to Fox News and the ADL to give him a break for not calling off the event. Think of all the people who took umbrage at President Bush’s intellect and morals being belittled last year. Did Bollinger not realize that he was doing Hugo Chavez imitations?”

Although I disagree with his characterization of Hugo Chavez as a “thuggish populist,” the remainder of the article scores many points in showing how we have embraced much worse criminal leaders of nations in the past than Ahmadinejad.

In other news, I see that Chavez has walked out on the UNGA in solidarity with Ahmadinejad over his treatment at Columbia.  Truthfully, I’ve never seen a visiting dignatary or scholar treated as Ahmadinejad was treated.


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