US votes against the whole rest of the world except for when it is on North Korea’s side in UN General Assembly votes.

Originally published 12/10/06:

Fascinating how the US can vote against the entire rest of the world in the UN General Assembly on issues as important as this… and noone in the US reports it. 

In a 153-1 vote, the US was the only nation voting against this measure that would end up in a regulation in international trade in conventional weapons.  As Mary Robinson, former UN High Commisioner on Human Rights said in 2003:

“On this 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, threats of new terrorist attacks and the dangers of weapons of mass destruction dominate the headlines. But the real weapons of mass destruction go largely unnoticed by those of us who live far from conflict and war. Those weapons are the 639 million small arms in circulation, and at least 16 billion units of military ammunition produced every year – enough to shoot every man, woman and child on the planet twice.”

The US is the largest single dealer in conventional arms in the world, so it is just a natural part of our secret combination process to protect the profits of arms makers, and keep weapons in the hands of those who do our bidding in places like Columbia etc.

Here is a fascinating look at the days (12/6/06) votes in the UNGA.  See how the US votes against the rest of the world.  In another interesting vote, the US was the sole nay vote with no abstentions (175-1) on establishing a working group in disarmament issues.  We voted with North Korea, Pakistan and India against a resolution calling for a nuclear-free world.  We were the sole vote against a two resolutions concerned with the arms race in outer space (both votes were 178-1).  We were the only country voting with North Korea against adopting a draft on the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (172-2).

The above voting record is fascinating to me in its blatant representation of what the US is to world peace… and with regards to the silence of this issue in US news reporting.  Please see for yourself this day’s votes at:


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