Bush thinks the whole Arab world is extremist

Originally published 12/7/06:

President Bush said today that in order to “win” in the middle east we have to defeat the extremists.


An extremist should be someone who represents an extreme point of view, one way off the charts, greater than 2 standard deviations from the norm, the fringe of society, frowned upon by all good upstanding citizens and the moral majority.  In theory, these extremists should represent let’s say… 2% or less of the general population.  Am I being too stingy?  Ok, how about 5% then.

So, I wonder who he is calling extremists here.  Would it be anyone who supports attacks against US troops?  According to recent polls, 61% of all Iraqis support attacks against US troops.  That’s main-stream, not ex-streme.  Would it be Hamas?  Hamas was supported by greater than half of Palestinians in their elections earlier this year.  More mainstream.  Would it be Hezb’ allah?  They were supported by something like 85% of Lebanese during the war this summer with Israel and Nasrallah was turned into a hero among virtually all Arab people. 

Come on Mr. Bush.  Don’t you really mean that we won’t win in the middle-east until we have defeated the majority of the people that live there?  Until we defeat the majority of Arab people? 

In the same article it is noted that Olmert will not submit to the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations that Israel have peace talks with Syria and return the Golan Heights as numerous UN Security Council resolutions have called for.  Of course, this doesn’t even make its own story in the US, while it is front page news on Al Jazeera.  Is it any wonder that the majority of Arab people are, “extremists?”

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