Goodbye and Good Riddance Mr. Bolton

Originally published 12/4/06:

I guess in the bigger scheme of things this makes little difference, but it’s nice to see that one unpleasant person is taken out of a place of diplomatic importance to the US… John Bolton.  Most left sided people have been against his recess appointment from the beginning.  I was opposed to him for his overseeing illegal arms shipments to Haiti via the Dominican Republic in connection with the Aristide coup. 

While in office he was instrumental in blocking a resolution against Israel for their massacre of Lebanon.  He also virulently stood for Israel (in obedience to his masters of course) in many instances when the whole rest of the world voted in favor of resolutions expressing regret for the lost of life in Beit Hanun etc. 

He was in office when the US voted against FISSBAN again in 2005. 

He has also been pressing for a resolution against Iran for following their legal rights in pressing for nuclear energy. 

I’m sure the next person to go to the UN will be a problematic person for me too… A sure sign that we’re picking UN ambassadors from the halls of the Gadianton fraternity.


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