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Originally published 12/4/06:

It was very nice to be listed at for a while.  There was a large increase in traffic and I think I was read by a much wider audience for quite a while.  Many came to check in on a regular basis during that time period.

It seems though, that I have been deleted rather unceremoniously from the rolls of  I was given no reason why I should be deleted though I wrote the nameless administrator for a reason many times. 

Other politically oriented mormon blogs are allowed to exist there with impunity.  allecompassingly is an extremely right-wing blog which writes a lot of hate-posts about the middle-east and Hugo Chavez etc. 

LDSPatriot writes anything right-wing that comes across his computer.

The Good Democrat writes things on a more left sided slant of view than the previously mentioned blogs, but doesn’t criticize Israel at all. 

Purim is my favorite, writing articles in a very even light.  For example, they recently posted Ahmadinejad’s letter to the American people in a favorable light.

If I were to guess, I’d say the main reason I was deleted was my criticism of Israel’s murders in Gaza, and perhaps my associating the current powers that be in this country with secret combinations.  Maybe the reference to Israel was just too strong for the administrator.  It’d be even more clandestine and cool if it were the FBI or the CIA approaching the administrator and telling him to take me off the site or else…

In any case, either some google searchers or some die-hard fans are the only ones around here nowadays.  It has kind of dampened my enthusiasm for posting news and my views of the news.  I will still continue to uncover works of darkness as I see them. 

I do have to buckle down and study hard for a big test I have to take in June though.  Thanks for coming by and visiting.


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