Lies allowed to slip into the NY Times

Originally published 11/24/06:

Amazing the lies that get printed in the New York Times that get printed as if they were God’s own truth.

In today’s NYTimes there was the following in a story about the Israel/Palestinian peace proposals:

“In fact, Israel reentered Gaza in late June in response to the capture of a soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, by Palestinian militants including Hamas members. Hamas said that they were responding to Israeli shelling that killed civilians; the shelling was in response to rocket fire. Since Israel pulled its settlers and troops out of Gaza in September 2005, at least 1,100 rockets have been fired from Gaza, five of them today, and four Israelis have died – two of them in the last 10 days.”

In the first place, the current escalation is made to appear as if it was a reaction by the Israelis to the Palestinian crime of capturing a soldier.  That’s pure B.S.  The Isrealis, the day before, had come into Gaza and kidnapped the Muamar brothers, a physician and his brother, and took them to jail without charge to this very day.

They have become, for all intents and purposes, “Administrative detainees,” where Palestinians basically disappear without trial or charges.

In theory, the kidnapping of a civilian from a sovereign nation, and taking him to jail outside of his country is a much bigger crime than the capture of a soldier in occupied territory, as a manifestation of a legitimate resistance to a brutal occupation.

The next lie is the author saying that the Israel shelling of the Palestinian family on the beach was in response to Palestinian Rocket fire.  This is a lie.  That shelling was denied for the longest time by Israel.  They first said that the family was probably blown up by a mine left in the sand by Palestinians.  This version is supported by some investigations and is disputed by others.  However, they never said it was in response to Qassam rocket attacks.  The rocket attacks actually restarted after the beach bomb incident.


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