Thanksgiving while our country is at war

Originally published 11/22/06:

The UN announced that 3,709 civilians were killed in Iraq in October, making October the deadliest month in the conflict yet, surpassing July which saw about 3500 deaths.

Keep in mind that these deaths are monitored by passive surveilance, which probably gets around 20% of the true number of deaths in a war conflict (Per the Johns Hopkins Iraq War surveilance crew).  Therefore, there were probably about close to 20,000 deaths in reality. 

Do we feel thankful this thanksgiving that we live in the USA where we are free to live without being bombed and killed?  Do we feel thankful that we live in a land where we enjoy freedom the freedoms we enjoy?  What a closed minded and narrow hearted nation we are.  I imagine we are like the self-righteous man in Jesus’s parable, that was thankful that he was righteous, more righteous than the man behind him who was a sinner and smote his breast and wouldn’t lift up his eyes to heaven. 

The misery that we have contributed to heavily in Iraq, and our attitude about it reminds me of the time Brigham Young found a man rejoicing that he had just sold an old and decrepit cow to an old lady for a very inflated price.  The man was thankful that God had blessed him with such a good sale, while in reality, he had ripped the old lady off bigtime.  Do the blessings we enjoy come in part because of the sufferring of the peoples of the world? 

Me thinks yes.

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