UN General Assembly passes resolution against Israel. US votes against it.

Originally published 11/18/06:

Finally, the UN has voted on a resolution, epressing “sorrow,” instead of condemnation, of Israel’s murders of 19 people in Gaza earlier this month while they slept.  If you recall, these were mostly women and children.  The Security Council resolution was vetoed by the US during a 10-1 vote.  This General Assembly vote which certainly has the opinion of the world behind it was 156-7 with 6 abstentions.  The US, Israel, Australia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, Micronesia and Nauru voted against it.  The US and Israel are understandable, and the last 4 countries often vote with the US since they are protectorates of the USA.  Australia really went against world opinion though.  Sort of unexpected.  The abstentions were Canada, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

The Israeli ambassador walked out in protest. 

It would be really great if one of the proposals in the resolution actually occurred.  That is the part where international observers are instituted in the occupied territories that would monitor human rights violations and atrocities from both sides.  The Carter Center has volunteered to do this.  Israel and the US have never let that happen in the past, probably because they wanted to hide their atrocities from the world. 

I’m glad that this came up in the General Assembly.  The US holds no veto power there and the true opinion of the world can be seen.



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