Kissinger: Iraq victory is not possible.

Originally published 11/19/06:

It appears that Bush’s support base is completely falling apart as pertains to the Iraq war.

Even Kissinger is now saying that the war in Iraq is unwinnable.  He says that we can’t win and withdraw and that we can’t lose and withdraw either.  Either way you put it, it seems like the going opinion is that we will have to maintain a military presence there for a long time.  This military presence will be in place to uphold the Prime Minister of the Green Zone, and to protect US corporate interests in Iraq.  That is all we will really be there for.  In reality leaving our troops there could have the worst results of all.  The Iraqi people have expressed thru polls that they are adamant to have our troops leave soon.  61% of Iraqis support attacks on US troops.  The British General probably spoke the reality on the ground when he said that our troops there are only exacerbating the violence.  We are doing nothing to stop the civil war, so it will happen whether we are there or not.  Moreover, more troops will die, more Iraqis will die, hell will begin to look more and more like Iraq, and hatred for the USA will spread to epidemic proportions, spilling over into many nations and we will be attacked, as all evil empires usually are, with increasing regularity.  I guess we will start to reconsider when we get more 9/11 sorts of events.  I maintain a position of complete and immediate withdrawal.


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