US involvement in Chilean politics belies the depth of secret combination influence in US foreign policy

Originally published 11/16/06:

The extent of the great secret combination based in the US is really mind-boggling in its depth and breadth.  Another great example is the US involvement in Chile in the 1960s and 70s.  The US totally bought the 1964 elections to stop a leftist from gaining power.  In 1970, another leftist, Salvadore Allende, ran for president.  The US spent more money per capita in the Chilean election that year, than they did in US elections 2 years earlier!  In spite of this massive spending Allende was elected and Kissinger worked with the CIA to have him stopped before he assumed power after the elections.  That plan didn’t work, so the next idea from Kissinger to the FBI was to make Chile, “scream,” from economic sanctions by the US. 

Subsequently the economy suffered in Chile and the democratically elected Allende was ousted in a coup supported by the US, 9/11/73.  He apparently committed suicide on the same day.  Allende sought to nationalize the copper industry in Chile, and improve the situation of the poorest of Chile’s citizens.  He gave free milk to 500,000 poor kids a day.  He sought land reform and to take health care under government control so that all could be provided with care.  There was turmoil and strife during his rule, nonetheless, he remained nearly the only self-proclaimed marxist to be democratically elected up to that point. 

After the coup, Pinochet came to power and destroyed thousands of lives.  He initiated Operation Condor which went around this hemisphere assassinating numerous leftist dissidents, including Orlando Lettelier who was assassinated by a car bomb in Washington D.C.!  The US supported Pinochet in all of his atrocities insomuch that Kissinger is wanted in connection with the murders of Operation Condor victims, and cannot go to speak in Brazil as he may be arrested and extradited to stand trial with Pinochet.

This information is all available from the US government itself, on the State Dept. and CIA web pages.  Our secret combinations let some of their secrets be known and yet they still continue to thrive.  This is where the citizens of the US get into trouble.  We have knowledge of these secret abominations in our own country and still allow them to exist.  This is why the sword will fall at some point IMHO, and we will not be found innocent.  We are all card-carrying members of the Gadianton society to varying extents.


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