Selling your soul to Satan… the experience of an acquaintance.

Originally published 11/20/06:

I once met an ex Columbian military man when he came to the university I work at seeking a position as head of clinical laboratories in the Hospital.  He and I spoke of politics over lunch and disagreed over the politics of Venezuela, my position being more pro-Chavez and his being the opposite.

After a while he became sullen (I thought maybe I should cool it on the political conversation) but he began to offer up a sort of a confession He spoke of his youth, of a time when he was more idealistic and lent his support to leftist groups in his home country.  Apparently he realized at some point that he couldn’t have a reasonably good income unless he embraced more of a right sided political philosophy.  He joined the military and had the unsavory job of going thru peasant villages after the military had massacred the people without resistance, and making up the scene to appear as if there had been a gun fight, breaking the arms of the dead and planting guns and spent rounds etc. to fool the authorities and press that came thru later. 

He then went on to become a big doctor and brought his wife and kids to the USA… at what a price though.  He had sold his soul to Satan.

The US funds a war in Columbia against the left side of Columbia’s people.  It is masked as a “war on drugs”, but is directed exclusively at FARC supporting people.  Read about this secret combination we support here:


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