Murder of 200,000 people supported by the US secret combination in East Timor

Originally published 11/14/06:

Another great example of how our secret combinations act in the world is seen in the case of East Timor.  East Timor was engaged in a civil war of sorts in the year of 1975, during the process of being freed from Portugese colonial rule.  East Timor’s neighbor, Indonesia, (ruled by Suharto who had killed upwards of one million of his own people in 1965) invaded East Timor in December of 1975 with the full approval of President Ford and Secretary Kissinger.  The National Security Archive has gotten documents thru the Freedom of Information Act, showing that Ford and Kissinger knew that their support of the invasion was illegal, and while they were supportive of UN resolutions condemning Indonesia on the surface, they supported Suharto in his murders in both word and deed, supplying weapons for the dastardly deed and joint military training.  The National Security Archive states:

“On 4 or 5 December, while still in Beijing, Kissinger received a cable from the State Department suggesting that the Indonesians had “plans” to invade East Timor.(25)  Thus, Ford or Kissinger could not have been too surprised when, in the middle of a discussion of guerrilla movements in Thailand and Malaysia, Suharto suddenly brought up East Timor.  Suharto noted that while Indonesia “has no territorial ambitions,” Fretilin has not cooperated with negotiations and has “declared its independence unilaterally.”  The current situation, he said, “will prolong the suffering of the refugees and increase instability in the area.”  Suharto then assured the Americans that “the four other parties” favor integration, with the apparent implication that a mere majority among the “parties” to the conflict-absent a popular referendum-alone constituted an act of self-determination.  “We want your understanding,” Suharto continued, “if we deem it necessary to take rapid or drastic action.”

“Ford and Kissinger took great pains to assure Suharto that they would not oppose the invasion.  Ford was unambiguous: “We will understand and will not press you on the issue.  We understand the problem and the intentions you have.”  Kissinger did indeed stress that “the use of US-made arms could create problems,” but then added that, “It depends on how we construe it; whether it is in self defense or is a foreign operation.”  Thus, Kissinger’s concern was not about whether U.S. arms would be used offensively-and hence illegally-but whether the act would actually be interpreted as such-a process he clearly intended to manipulate.(26)  In any case, Kissinger added: “It is important that whatever you do succeeds quickly.”

Indonesia went on to terrorize the East Timorese for more than 20 years, killing over 200,000 people (a quarter of the population).  We embraced his murders and increased military and financial aid to Suharto thruout the Carter and Reagan years.  (Carter was supposed to be the human rights lover right?  Guess again.)  Then in 1995, Suharto visited D.C. and got a grand welcome being called, “our kind of guy,” by a senior Clinton administration official. 

The US worked hard to protect Suharto from it’s own signature on UN resolutions with Ambassador Moynihan:

“In his memoirs, he took pride in having rendered the UN “utterly ineffective in whatever measures it undertook” because “[t]he United States wished things to turn out as they did” and “worked to bring this about.”

There is a lot more to tell in this story, but I shall refrain and end with the point that shows how complicit the US is in the murders of 200,000 people in East Timor.  In 1998, Madeleine Albright suggested that Suharto resign and provide for a democratic transition.  A few hours later he did just that (taking some 40 billion dollars with him) and East Timor was able to regain independance after a late murderous purging by Indonesian forces right up to the day of the vote before leaving.  Thus is demonstrated the power of the US here, showing that all we had to do was to lift our pinkie finger to alleviate the sufferring of the people of East Timor. 

The US supported Secret combination’s work is very evident here as we took life in exchange for the riches of the earth (big economic benefits were wrought by the occupation of East Timor).  We have a great need to be rid of this secret combination or the sword that is hanging over us will not be held back.


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