War with Iran temporarily on hold, but here comes Olmert and AIPAC

Originally published 11/11/06:

For a very excellent analysis of the US war plans with Iran, please see the following article linked. 

“The powder keg is ready and all it needs is a match to ignite it. This could come in the form of an “arranged” terrorist act in Lebanon – e.g. another political assassination or toppling of government- to be blamed against Syria and Iran. American warnings of such an act are already in the media.”

It seems as if there has been somewhat of a slowdown in the momentum to the invasion of Iran, perhaps due to the election defeat of the Republicans.  Let’s see how long this lasts.  According to the AP, Israel’s PM Olmert is coming to visit the US and will focus on the threat of Iran against Israel and the need for the US to stand by Israel. 


In the meantime, AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby group, continues its misinformation campaign to get the US fired up about Iran, saying:  “As the U.N. Security Council struggled to agree on a package of sanctions designed to slow Iran’s pursuit of atomic arms, the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader said Wednesday that Tehran was moving ahead with its illicit nuclear work, the Associated Press reported. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran “will go ahead strongly” with its efforts to enrich uranium, a key step in developing nuclear weapons. More than two months have passed since Iran missed a Security Council deadline to suspend enrichment, but the Council has yet to approve penalties on Tehran for its defiance.”


AIPAC kind of reminds me of Amalickiah in the Book of Mormon, hiring people to speak from towers, propoganda against the Nephites, which stirred up the war-weary lamanites to go to yet another war against the Nephites. 



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