Israel’s murders of Palestinians thru Lowenstein’s eyes

Originally published 11/9/06:

Jennifer Loewenstein,  Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, writes of the horror of Gaza today.  She says:

“Today the hospitals will be filled beyond capacity again when the 18 civilian dead from a pre-dawn attack on Beit Hanoun — women, men and children blasted out of their sleep into human chunks — roll out of the ambulances and into the freezers of Shifa or Kamal Adwan hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip. How dare they sleep in their houses at night when the tanks are barking out commands.”

“Do you believe this was an accident? that an international investigation will ever take place? Like after Jenin? Like after Dan Halutz and his 2000 pound bomb which was dropped on an apartment building in Gaza City killing 15 people, 9 of them women and children? Like after the siege of Jabalya in the fall of 2004? Like after Operation Rainbow in Rafah? Like after Huda Ghalia’s family was blasted into nothingness during an outing on a Gaza beach? Will US eyes, glued to their glaucousy TV screens to find out which marketed candidate won the corporate-managed midterm elections, ever know that that another massacre of Palestinians took place?”

She then speaks of the inevitable question of the Qassams that everyone brings up to excuse the Israelis for their murders:

“The shoddy, home-made Qassams hiss like cornered alley cats when they are fired into the skies. Stupid and bestial, they zing across the border like crazed beasts not knowing where they are going. They’ll dash forever like this until the occupation of Palestine ends. The Gazans know this, Hamas knows it, Fatah knows it, the PFLP knows it; In Israel, Labor and Likkud know it, Meretz knows it, Yisrael Beiteinu knows it, Shas knows it; Peretz, Olmert and Lieberman know it, Sharon knew it, the Israeli people know it, official America know this, so 40 years after 1967 and 58 years after 1948, why is the occupation not yet over?”

There is one foreign policy in the US that will not change with the democrats victory in the mid-term elections.  Nancy Pelosi, richer than Bush himself, is a staunch supporter of Israel in all of their atrocities.  She is one of AIPAC’s greatest fans.

2 Responses to “Israel’s murders of Palestinians thru Lowenstein’s eyes”

  1. 1 sevnetus September 12, 2007 at 12:36 am

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of “Under the Banner of Heaven,” but it does make Mormons look violently bad. I understand BYU has another dead coed. 10 to one I side with Israel because of those stupid suicide bombers hitting civilian buses. The general lied again today for the sake of Senator Joe L. Make peace. Make Love, not War. Out of Iraq so our future Police are not baby killers.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon September 12, 2007 at 1:57 am

    It’s easy to make someone look bad. That’s what propaganda is all about. Mormons killed some people, but the Mormon Church leadership was not involved. If you’re interested in knowing the facts check:

    As far as Israel goes, I’d advise anyone to look into the history of the conflict a little deeper. I think you will be horrified at what your current stance is supporting.

    I’m all for getting out of Iraq though. It’s a huge crime what we’re doing over there.

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