Ortega tantalizes our secret combinations with electoral victory

Originally published 11/6/06:

Well, it is almost final.  Daniel Ortega, the man at the head of the party Reagan punished the Nicaraguan people for electing into power in the 1980s, is almost back into the driver’s seat.  The Bush administration has threatened to cut off aid to Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in the hemisphere, if Ortega is elected.  Others in power have said that we should cut off remittances from workers here to their families back home, totalling an estimated 500,000,000 dollars a year.  

Amazing and chilling how we can so easily talk about dishonoring the will of the people in a foreign democracy, and turning them over to certain misery in our efforts to deepen their poverty, so that we can protect the investment interests of filthy rich multi-national corporations in their country.    This fits the very definition of secret combinations given to us by the Book of Mormon. 

Ortega has stated that he will honor CAFTA (Nicaragua just entered it this year) and will maintain good relations with the USA (what a politician he’s become!).  He has also maintained close relations with Chavez of Venezuela and Castro of Cuba. 



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