Water, a hot commodity in Palestine, stolen from the Palestinians by Israel on a regular basis

Originally published 11/1/06:

One of the most dastardly deeds in the middle east, enacted upon the palestinians by the Israelis is the theft of Palestinian water.  Much of the appropriation of Palestinian land has apparently been done in order to secure water for Israelis at the expense of Palestinians.  Israelis are afforded 4 times more water on average per person than Palestinians.  The wall built by the Israelis has cut the deepest into Palestinian land where aquifers exist and wells and other water supplies can be expropriated.  The wall has destroyed many water pipes and wells.  Illegal Israeli settlers have been known to contaminate Palestinian water supplies with toxic substances.  When the water supply is short, the Israelis will often cut off the supply of drinking water to Palestinian villagers so that the illegal Israeli settlers can top their pools and water their lawns with no restrictions.  Palestinians, on the other hand, are given quotas on how much water they are allowed to draw from their wells.


It seems that water is an important prize in Israeli struggles over there.  I know they have taken water from southern Lebanon in the past as well while they were an occupying force.

Palestinians consume 40% less than the minimum quantity for basic water consumption per person, as set by USAID and the WHO.


Fareed Taamallah wrote for The Nation this year that:

“One example of this vastly unequal division of water resources is my West Bank village of Qira. Every summer, the Israeli company which supplies water to our village and which provides about 53% of the total Palestinian domestic water supply, deliberately cuts off our water supply, thus generating a crisis. Last year, Qira, a village of 1000 residents, had no water for more than three continuous weeks, despite the heat of the summer.”



2 Responses to “Water, a hot commodity in Palestine, stolen from the Palestinians by Israel on a regular basis”

  1. 1 opit September 8, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Ann at Reclaiming Space/People’s Geography has posted lots on the mess. You might want to have a look.

  2. 2 theradicalmormon September 9, 2007 at 1:05 am

    Thanks Opit,
    Looks like a nice blog. She sounds like my kind of blogger.

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