President Bush calls himself a terrorist

Originally published 11/1/06:

I am completely mystified as to why the US press or the Democrats don’t latch onto this story and expose this administration’s total hypocrisy pertaining to the war on terror. 

Jose Posada-Carriles was the mastermind, along with Orlando Bosch, in blowing up a Cuban passenger airliner, killing 73 people (all aboard) in 1976.  Bosch was given amnesty by Bush Sr. in 1989 and lives in Miami.  Posada, entered this country without a visa and was picked up by immigration authorities a while back.  He is wanted in Venezuela for this crime and an extradition request was made by Venezuela with whom we have an extradition treaty.  The extradition request was denied on the grounds that Posada might get tortured in Venezuela (by the testimony of one witness).  He is currently still held by immigration and will be released sometime soon apparently. 

This contrasts with the story of Maher Arar, detained at JFK and sent to Syria to be tortured, brutally for 10 months before he was released.  Arar was a Canadian citizen and has been completely exonerated of any wrong-doing in Canadian courts.  In Venezeula it is highly unlikely that Posada will be tortured. 

As Bush said, if you harbor the terrorists, you are the same as the terrorists.  By his own mouth then, he has condemned himself as a terrorist.

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