Classified documents show Iraq is next to chaos as defined by US Central Command

Originally published 11/1/06:

One thing that I’d add to this powerpoint page produced by central command and supposedly being classified information (though it is on the front page of the New York Times today) is the contribution of the US military and its coalition partners to the increased level of civil conflict.  As the chief commander of the British Military pointed out recently, the presence of foreign troops in Iraq is exacerbating the violence there. 

We just had 104 US soldiers killed in Iraq in October, with thousands of Iraqis killed… and it just keeps getting worse.  My vote this November goes to anyone who says they will work to get our troops out of Iraq like yesterday.

On a side note, it is kind of interesting that this is called classified information, when it is really information that the whole world knows… except for a certain percentage of US citizens who say the press makes things look worse than they really are, and that there is a lot of good occurring in Iraq because of our invasion and occupation.


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