The October Surprise of 1980

Originally published 10/30/06:

There seems to be plenty out there to confirm the story of the October surprise of 1980, wherein Bush Sr. purportedly flew to Paris to discuss with Iranian officials a deal where the release of the Hostages from the American Embassy in Tehran, would be extended until after the US presidential elections since polls showed that Carter would be reelected if the Hostages were released before the elections, but that Reagan would be elected if the Hostages were released after the elections.  In return, the Iranians would have assetts unfrozen and weapons shipped to Iran (in opposition to our own weapons embargo on Iran) for help against Iraq.  The deal worked for the Reagan group, Carter was defeated and the Iranians got their lucre. 

This story has been corroborated by Russian Intelligence, the President of Iran at the time, and by the pilot who flew Bush to Paris.  Two investigations by Congress into the allegations more than a decade after the fact showed insufficient evidence.  I read a book called, “Defrauding America” some years ago that also supported the claims of an October Surprise.  Read about the Gadiantonesque story here:

In a Dec. 17, 1992, letter to the U.S. Congress, Bani-Sadr (ex-President of Iran) said he first learned of the Republican “secret deal” in July 1980 after Reza Passendideh, a nephew of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, attended a meeting with Cyrus Hashemi and Republican lawyer Stanley Pottinger in Madrid on July 2, 1980. Though Passendideh was supposed to return with a proposal from the Carter administration, Bani-Sadr said Passendideh proffered instead a plan “from the Reagan camp.” “Passendideh told me that if I do not accept this proposal, they [the Republicans] would make the same offer to my [radical Iranian] rivals. He further said that they [the Republicans] have enormous influence in the CIA. … Lastly, he told me my refusal of their offer would result in my elimination.” Bani-Sadr said he resisted the threats and sought an immediate release of the American hostages. But Bani-Sadr said Khomeini, the wily Islamic leader, was playing both sides of the U.S. street. [2] Bani Sadr has stated elsewhere [3] that,

It is now very clear that there were two separate agreements, one the official agreement with Carter in Algeria, the other, a secret agreement with another party, which, it is now apparent, was Reagan. They made a deal with Reagan that the hostages should not be released until after Reagan became president. So, then in return, Reagan would give them arms. We have published documents which show that US arms were shipped, via Israel, in March, about 2 months after Reagan became president.

Bani-Sadr’s charges are given more credibility due to his background as a moderate Iranian secular leader targetted by Khomeini for opposing execution of dissidents and warning against the dictatorial direction Ayatollah Khomeini favored.”

The Wikipedia entry on this subject is rather skeptical and doesn’t even mention the Russian intelligence document mentioned in the link above:

For a look at the amazing story of the pilot who flew Bush to Paris allegedly see:


I tend to find credibility in this story and am further dismayed by the tight grip that secret combinations have on our country.  Look into it and see for yourself.  I would also recommend the book though it is rather long and deals with a lot of other issues such as corruption in the Federal Aviation Administration and the Savings and Loan scandals of the 80’s etc.  The book is entitled, “Defrauding America” by Rodney Stich.

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